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Hassan M'Souli arrived in Australia in 1985 from Casablanca. His passion for cooking evolved in his mother's kitchen at a young age and he pursued that passion along with those of acting and teaching. Hassan's decision to leave family and friends behind him brought him to the shores of Sydney – he wanted to be as far away from familiarity as possible – to start an exciting journey in life, in a new and challenging environment. He found his dreams in Sydney and an opportunity to introduce a unique taste that Sydney had never seen before. Hassan has appeared in shows on SBS, ABC Radio, Channel 7, 9 and Ten and the Lifestyle Channel, with articles appearing in Australia's leading Newspapers and Magazines and also globally. Hassan is also author of two Moroccan Cookbooks 'Moroccan Modern' and 'Make it Moroccan'. After much great success with both Hassan took the award for 'Best In The World- African - Cuisine Category' at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in Paris in March 2010 for 'Make it Moroccan'. In April 2010 Hassan was honoured with a letter from the King of Morocco congratulating him as an excellent ambassador for the country and truly showing Morocco proud.






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